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Nothing compares to resting your feet after a gruelling day at work. You've finished dinner and now it's your time to unwind and relax.

You have a few hours before nightfall and it's still nice outside. You grab yourself a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and head in to the back garden. The warm water bubbles and heat emanates from your new spa. You climb in and let the stress of the day wash over you. The jets fire against your aches and pains and your muscles feel soothing relief. All your tension is released and you relax knowing you will get a good night's sleep.

At Zen Spas we specialise in providing premium swim spas and hot tubs so you can experience the bliss and relaxation that spas can provide.
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Get the benefits of Hydrotherapy

Suffer from joint pain? Regular use of hydrotherapy hot tubs is proven to provide pain relief, improve cardiovascular function and the respiratory system and stabilise your metabolism. It also reduces stress as the warm water naturally increases your body's production of endorphins, resulting in peaceful mood of bliss.
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Bringing spa treatment to your life

Buying a swim spa or hot tub is the first step in changing your life for the better. With daily access to blissful relaxation you can take on tough challenges, host great party's, create an atmosphere of calm in your garden or have a romantic evening with your loved one.  
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At Zen Spas, we believe that as the customer, your experience is key from start to finish. Whether you have a question about your own spa at home or you were interested in a FREE site evaluation, we are always happy to help. Get in touch or visit our brand new showroom in Bracknell, Berkshire.
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Ascot Hot Tub & Cleaning Services

In association with Zen Spas UK. Unbeatable prices from our full range cleaning services of hot tubs & swim spas.
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Get spa relaxation from the comfort of your home. Buy a luxury hot tub from Zen Spas of Berkshire today - call us on 01344 566 676
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